About Us


LIPHE is all about Innovative water Technology.

Air is Water

Water is Life.

Renewable and Sustainable Water Supply DECENTRALIZATION OF WATER SUPPLY

who we are

LIPHE is a Water technology, innovation, development, production and marketing company. We are involved in the creation and integration of Air to Water harvesting machines for easy access to everyone and everywhere.

Our technology is inspired by nature and the system of condensation. Air is sucked in  and converted to water which is filtered and collected by our technology.  We concentrate on providing renewable, sustainable, clean and fresh water for all people anywhere there is air. We provide water from the most abundant substance on earth and replenish it.


Whether you are an individual or a professional, our water from air Machines are for you.
Whatever your water needs, we have a suitable solution: for

drinking, cooking, washing, cleaning, irrigate your crops, optimize your water consumption, allow healthcare centers to secure their access to water …
Whether you are in the city or in more remote areas and regardless of the amount of water consumed daily, you will find the right answer from Liphe machines.
Liphe offers machines to provide you with pure, portable, healthy water with neutral pH. It is now possible to share this wealth, while respecting the environment.


We have developed two product lines Bottles and Stand alone, one based on atmospheric condensation.

Our machines allow you to produce 1 to 10,000 liters of drinking water per 24 hours. We thus meet different categories of needs. Our systems are plug and play: all you need is a source of power to make it work.
For some, we use other renewable energy source such as hydrogen fuel cell or solar or wind power in order to optimize your energy costs and allow populations without access to grid electricity to obtain drinking water.


Our technology is inspired by nature and its condensation system.
The air is taken in, filtered and polluting particles removed. Then, a change of state and become liquid. This created water begins to be purified by ultraviolet rays, which eliminates any bacteria. Then, a complex filtration system results in fine and 99.99% pure water.
All you have to do is get clean, fresh water as you wish.